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Cujo, Cloud, Runt & Anakin's Journal

Tuesday, March 4, 2003


I have some sad news. Mommy found Cloud in his cage on Sunday morning. He died Sunday morning. Mommy said he's better off now though. Cloud was very sick. He had a tumor above his leg, and an infection in his neck that never really went away, no matter how much mommy tried. Mommy tried everything for Cloud, but he was just too sick.

R.I.P Cloud =(


Current mood: sad

Sunday, February 9, 2003


I went to the vet last week because the bump on my neck had gotten HUGE, and mommy was really worried. The vet said that it was a cut inside my cheek pouches that had gotten infected. He gave mommy some needles *whimper* I had to get two needles a day for 5 days. It was horrible! But it did make my neck better, so I guess that's ok. There's still a small bump there. The vet isn't sure what it is, and he said that I'd need surgery to find out what it is. But he also said that there isn't a reason to put me in any danger right now, because I'm eating, and drinking, and doing all the normal hamster things. But if it gets bigger, I have to go have surgery to remove it =( I hope that doesn't happen, because I could die from surgery. I'm doing ok now though. Mommy took me back yesterday and the vet said I'm doing much better.

Mommy must love me if she did all that for me. I even let her hold me in the vet's office.

Current mood: relieved

Sunday, January 26, 2003


Cloud: I'm back in mommy's room now! I have a brand new cage, and I'm feeling a lot better now. Sometimes I still have a bump behind my ear though. Mommy's going to take me to the vet if it gets any worse. I'm in love with Mocha =) Mommy put our cages beside each other, and all we do is stare at each other lovingly.

Cujo: Oh shut up. I'm just as mean as ever. Except Anakin is trying to surpass my evil. He just might too. I'm getting old. Being a mean bastard isn't as easy anymore.

Anakin: My new thing is hanging from the top of my cage while chewing on the bars. It freaks food wench out. Well, it did at first. It doesn't seem to bother her as much anymore. She's just stupid anyway.

Runt: Anyways..Mommy's going to get me a new cage like Cloud soon. When she finds another one that she likes that is.

Sunday, December 29, 2002


Anakin: My servert cleaned my cage yesterday. She put me in that stupid ball. I barely use it. I just walk around in it. Food Wench called me lazy. I'm not lazy. I just have better things to do than run in a ball. Better things like SLEEPING. Which she disturbed to do all this.

Runt: Mommy says that Cloud might have to go to the vet. The bump behind his ear isn't getting any better. Mommy thinks he might have "imported cheek pouches". I don't know where they were imported from..

Cujo: Who CARES?!? I didn't get any veggies this morning. THAT is the big news for today.

Current mood: aggravated

Thursday, December 26, 2002


Anakin: Food Wench got me a new bedroom. It's a "Fun House" It looks pretty girlie if you ask me. But maybe Hamlette will stay in it with me some day ;)

Cujo: I got NOTHING for Christmas. Food Wench gave me a little kale leaf, and that was IT! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

Runt: We already HAVE a lot, what more could hammies ask for? Cloud isn't doing very well. Mommy is worried about him. When he fell, it really seemed to hurt him. He's moved upstairs to grandma's room, because he seems to be sick, and mommy doesn't want all of us to get sick. He was eating a little bit. Mommy's been feeding him vegetables. He bit mommy really bad on the weekend. Her thumb is still pretty ouchie from it. I hope he'll be ok. If not, I'll be outnumbered :( Keep your fingers crossed for Cloudy.

Current mood: melancholy

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Runt: Mommy is worried about Cloud. I'm updating for him. When mommy got up this morning, his cage was lying on the floor. She has no idea how it fell off the table, but somehow it did. It didn't take long for mommy to find him (Cloud is a good hamster), because mommy heard "munch munch" from under another table. Cloud doesn't let mommy pick him up though, so she had to scoop him up in his igloo. His eye is all crusted shut though, but he won't let mommy look at it. He seems to be ok, other than that, but mommy is thinking about taking him to the vet anyway. So Cloud is staying in an old guinea pig cage right now, and mommy is keeping an eye on him. She's worried about him though...

Anakin: Why is my beautiful girlfriend hamlette's journal suspended?!?! I'm angry about this. How else am I going to keep in touch with her?!?

Current mood: worried

Friday, December 13, 2002


Cujo: I'm glad to see that harry_hamster is taking my advice!

Runt: I live next door to this girl that looks just like me. She's teaching me how to be a bad hamster! I've learned how to irritate mommy by chewing on my bars all night. I like running in my wheel though! It's fun!

Anakin: Stupid kids...Food Wench (that's what Cujo told me to call her) finally gave me a water bottle and filled up my food bowl. It's about time. I like to sit in my food bowl & spin myself around. I did that in the water bowl, that's why stupid girl took it away. Hmph.

Cloud: Mommy says I'm cute when I sleep because I sleep on my side. hehe. She can see me in my bubble. She'll try to take a picture, but it might not turn out because of the flash. But we'll see. Mommy took new pictures, but none of me yet. She'll take some soon though! She said so!

Current mood: hopeful

Saturday, December 7, 2002


Cujo: Some idiot decided that they might name the new dwarf Anakin..has SOMEBODY been watching Star Wars? Anakin turned evil, and Food Wench thinks that we're both evil, so I guess that's why she's naming him that. There's ANOTHER freakin hamster here! Somebody Food Wench knows dropped off one of his hamster's babies on thursday. There's 6 friggin hamsters here now! What is Food Wench THINKING?!?!

Cloud: Mommy bought honey sticks for all of us. They're soo yummy! :)

Anakin: I'm making my first appearance here. I'm not such a bad guy. I just learned bad tricks from Cujo. Like calling that girl Food Wench. She didn't even give me a wheel. Good! I wouldn't use it. All I do is sleep. I'm a lazy ass.

Runt: Everybody is calling me Runt for now, because I'm so small, so I'm sure the name will stick. I miss my brothers and sisters, but living here isn't so bad! I have my own bedroom, my own wheel, my own food, I get treats and veggies. This place is great!

Thursday, November 28, 2002


Cloud: There's a new member of our family now. He doesn't have a name yet. But he's a dwarf hamster..he looks just like abovesuspicion though. At least I'm not the new guy anymore. Mommy held him in the pet store for like 15 minutes, and he was licking her hand & everything, and then when mommy had him at home, he bit her :\ Mommy's going to give him a few days before she tries to pick him up again.
Cujo: He only bit her because she put his cage too close to mine. I taught him how to be bad in a matter of minutes!
Cloud: Oh geez...

Current mood: blah

Thursday, November 21, 2002


Cloud: I'm waiting for my cage to be cleaned. It's getting stinky. Mommy said she'll probably clean everybody's cage tonight. Or everybody who's awake that is. I'm always awake! I like to run in my wheel. Not sleep in it like Mocha. Mocha's been a bad girl lately. But you can read about that in their journal.

Cujo: I've been climbing up the bars of my cage a lot lately. Stupid girl tries to pay attention to me, but I just attack her & she leaves me alone. I just like to confuse her. It's so easy to do sometimes!

Current mood: amused

Friday, November 15, 2002


Cujo: I've actually been getting out of bed for a little while lately. harry_hamster told me to be nice to "mommy", and that's my way of being nice, letting her see me. She knows better than to try & pick me up by now though.

Current mood: angry

Thursday, November 7, 2002


Stupid girl is waiting for me to get out of bed so she can clean my cage. I don't want my cage to be cleaned. I work hard getting it all nice & messy, just the way I like it. So who does she think SHE is wanting to mess it up? Sheesh. I only get out of bed to attack her hand in the morning, and then I run back to bed. And I never let her catch me out of bed at night. I KNOW she doesn't have time to clean my cage in the morning, that's why I grace her with my wonderful presence. She's lucky I let her see me at all!!!!!!

Stupid Cloud has nothing important to say, so I'm not letting him update today!

Current mood: angry

Friday, November 1, 2002


Cujo: Stupid girl hasn't let me update at all lately. I'm SO interesting too! I was even up for a little while a couple days ago. Until I found out mommy wanted to clean my cage, then I went back to bed. I don't like having my cage cleaned. I don't like anything. Except my veggies in the morning.

Cloud: Well, I got my cage cleaned. I made myself a nice comfy bed. Mommy is supposed to be getting me cage extensions soon :) I can't wait :D

Current mood: hopeful

Thursday, October 24, 2002


Cloud: Mommy tried to kill me last night!! She bought me a brand new baby blue food dish, and when she was trying to put it into my cage, I was so excited to see what it was that I jumped on her hand, and I guess I scared her because she dropped the bowl, practically on top of me!! I was all freaked out for about 10 minutes.

But mommy is sure that I'm a boy now. I have balls now :D
Cujo: I've always had balls. Big ones! So shut up! Stupid girl didn't give ME any new food. I hate her. I have a PINK food dish! Do I LOOK like a girl?!?!

Current mood: pissed off

Tuesday, October 22, 2002


Cujo: My own journal! Yay!
Cloud: umm..aren't we supposed to share it?
Cujo: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Shut up or I'll tear you to pieces. My stupid mother didn't give me any veggies this morning. So I'm pissed off.
Cloud: You're pissed off? What else is new? At least mommy can put her hand in my cage without me trying to bite it off.
Cujo: I thought I told you to shut up...
Cloud: I'm going back to bed!
Cujo: I NEVER get OUT of bed!!

Current mood: pissed off